Omaha Airport Guide to Eppley Airfield Omaha Airport - OMA

Omaha Airport Parking Options

For those who may need to park their car in Omaha Airport parking facilities, there are 3,541 of total spaces.

See below the zones where the parking lots are located in and the main features of every single one of them:

Long term options

- North Long Term Economy Parking: There are 768 available spaces for long term parking options. Given the distance between this car park and the main terminal, there is a free shuttle bus.

- South Long Term Economy Parking: 3,701 available spaces. As well as the North parking, this one is also connected to the main terminal by the free shuttle bus.

- Long-term Garage: 3,154 available spaces. 

Short term options

- Quick-Park Garage: 288 available spaces. 

- Premier Parking: 151 available spaces. 

Transfer between parking lots and the Terminal Building

In order to transfer between the farthest parking lots (North Long Term Economy Parking and South Long Term Economy Parking), there is a free shuttle bus available from the main terminal to these car parking. 

Pick up & drop off

There are Cell Phone Waiting Lots located in both South and north of the main terminal which are free use while waiting for either pick up or drop off.