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Omaha Airport Terminals

Omaha Airport, commonly known as Eppley Airfield, was in the beginning an extension of the Levi Carter Park in 1925. Later on, due to the acquisition of further land on the east side of Carter Lake, it became an airfield, officially known as the Omaha Municipal Airport and the American Legion Airport. Thanks to Eugene C. Eppley fund, the complex became a jetport in the 1959 – 1960 period. Several years later, in 1961, the terminal building opened.

Omaha Airport passenger terminal complex is a two level building formed by the Central Terminal, the North Terminal located to the left side of the Central Terminal, and the South Terminal, located to the right side.

Transfer between Terminals

You can transfer between terminals by the skywalks available in the upper level of the terminal building. 


Omaha Airport terminal complex has the following levels:

- Ground level: The Baggage claim level. Find in this level entry door to South Terminal (1 and 2), to Central Terminal (door 3), and to North Terminal (4 and 5). Ground transportation options are located in this level (car rental, taxi, bus, etc.) and access to the surface parking lot. Other services offered to passengers: ATMs, First Aid Room, Lost & Found and food and drink concessions. 

- First level: The Check-in level. Access to North and South Terminals by escalators and lifts, to the parking lot and via skywalk to Concourse A and B by a narrow passage way:

Concourse A: It is located on the south side of the terminal complex. Hosts gates A1 to A10, served by Delta Airlines, American Airlines and Allegiant Airlines. 

Concourse B: On the north side, hosting gates B11 to B20 and served by United Airlines, Southwest Airlines and Frontier Airlines. 

Services offered to passengers: The check-in facilities, a conference centre, food courts and retail shops, ATMs. 


The Omaha Airport terminal complex is divided into three sectors:

Central Terminal

It is the core of the terminal complex building. Find in the Central Terminal several concessions offered to passengers and the ground transportation centre, including the car rental booths. 

South Terminal

The South Terminal is located to the right side of the Central Terminal. Find in this section the Concourse A (gates A1 to A10) and baggage claim rows 1 to 3.

Airlines offering service in the South Terminal:

- Alaska Airlines
- Allegiant Air
- American Airlines
- Delta Airlines
- Frontier Airlines

North Terminal

The North Terminal is located to the left side of the Central Terminal. It hosts the Concourse B (gates B11 to B20) and baggage claim rows 4 to 6. 

Airlines serving the North Terminal:

- Southwest Airlines
- United Airlines


Find the following services in the main terminal complex at Omaha Airport:

- Lost baggage
- Luggage wrapping
- Toilets
- ATMs
- Parenting rooms
- Free Wi-Fi connection
- Baggage carts
- Car rental companies
- Baggage claim
- Restaurants
- Shops
- Accessible toilets
- Conference centre
- First Aid room
- Restrooms
- Escalators and lifts
- Service Animal Relief